Why Did The Europeans First Contact Between Europeans And Europeans

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When the Europeans first came in contact with the Natives it affected both the Europeans and the Natives. There were many different effects, some of them including diseases, religion and culture, trade, land disputes, family culture and more. Some of the changes were good and others were not that good. They helped and hurt both the Natives and the Europeans. First contact was probably the hardest time when it came to colonizing America because it meant they needed to work with each other and help each other, which is not always the easiest. The colonist didn't mean to take everything from the natives but they did. When the Europeans first came to America, they brought many diseases over with them which affected the Natives severely. The Natives…show more content…
There has been land disputes from first landing in America to present day. Land has always been an issue. Natives didn't think of land as something that describes your class, because they share all land. The Natives have a different place to live for each season. They always get into disagreements about land rights and how the land should be distributed. They reason that they have so many arguments is they have different attitudes towards land ownership. The Natives believed that selling land meant getting a neighbor and sharing resources. The colonists believed that once you bought the land that the previous owners left immediately and never came back. Some people believe that since they weren't using it for farming so it automatically should go to the colonists so they could farm.(El…show more content…
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