Essay On First Generation College Students

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Judging someone or making assumptions based on physical appearance can never determine the environment they were raised in. Just because someone is in college it should not suggest that their family members are college educated. There are many people at The University of Louisiana at Monroe that are considered first-generation individuals. As of 2010 the National Center of Education indicated that 30 percent of college freshmen are first generation college students. First generation students are fresh to the ideal of college and they need a mental support system during so because most of them are not equipped to deal with tough situations. First generation students are new to the collegiate lifestyle, and need some sort of support while they are away from home. First generation individuals are students…show more content…
Student Support Services is a program that helps first generation with college. The program offers tutoring, financial help, and academic support to its students. Neven Mobley states, “ Student Support Services is the closest thing support wise to home her at ULM.” Student Support Services provides their students job opportunities. First generation individuals, know that if they can count on the Student Support Services to be there if anything comes up. In Student Support Services there is always someone available to help. The program has also helped individuals get jobs. Tamera Gortham confirmed that TRiO was helpful financially by saying, “TRiO means a lot to me because they helped me get a job which was in their office.” Student Support Services provides students with mentors. These mentors enhance their relationship with the mentees and make sure they are on the right track while in college. The mentors purpose is to be a support system for the students outside of the administration. First generation students are new to what 's going on around and campus, and are known to being a part of Student Support Services is like being at home with family
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