Examples Of My First Generation Experiences In America

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All first generation experiences in America have common grounds but have some differences. From the first Americans in the 1700s till current immigrants, which included the Irish, Germans, Africans, Chinese, Scandinavians, Hispanics, South Americans, etc; They all had to adjust to American culture, adjust to the way of life, and struggled financially and emotionally. Some improved their lives in society while others had it terrible. I can sort of relate to the emotional and financial pain like most immigrants, especially of my age. I’ve had the good times and the bad, but I’ve managed to pull through. My family came here for a better life like most immigrants. I didn’t know what culture was, even though my mother mentioned it sometimes. I didn’t know what race was, what America was, life and pretty much just how life works. I’ve been in America for almost fourteen years, switched schools eleven times and can’t count the amount of time I’ve moved apartment homes. I have even been religious, private, public, and charter schools. Schools that were predominately white, hispanic,…show more content…
Based on my experiences, I have proved that I am versatile. It’s still kind of hard. Moving, especially the road trips I have been on, have made me fall in love with the environment and life. I’ve been exposed to many types of people and cultures. These experiences have made me even more religious too. How this scholarship will help me...well a little goes a long way. Everyone knows that college is really expensive. This scholarship will help me pay for textbooks, classes, etc. This scholarship will reduce a financial burden on me and my parents. I have two younger siblings who will be attending college, so this scholarship will definitely help out. I will take out student loans and this scholarship will help reduce that or will help me not take out any loans at
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