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General background of fish farming production
Ireland, with such unique geographical location, natural resources, and ecosystem has important role in seafood industry. Waters around 7,500km coastline of Ireland are clean, unpolluted and suitable for aquatic life , consequently forming a unique environment for seafood. Moreover, the rough Atlantic waters which shape the Irish coastline are confronted with the warm waters of the Gulf Stream and the cold fresh waters which flow off the Irish bog lands. Further, Ireland has almost 14,000 kilometers of rivers that bear fish, along with numerous lakes. The freshwater lakes of the country provide an area of 357,000 square kilometers, providing a habitat for considerable fish life. All of above lead Ireland to become a country of seafood industry including the aquaculture industry.
The seafood industry has great potential for
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On a dry-dry basis, it takes 2–4 kg of wild caught fish to produce one kg of salmon.
Fish feed is a controversial issue. On average two-thirds of a farmed salmon’s diet consists of fishmeal and fish oil in because such aquatic carnivores don't properly metabolize many carbohydrates of plants and use fats instead as a primary energy source.
For fish meal, it is estimated that more than three pounds of wild fish—anchovies, herring, sardines, menhaden, and mackerel are needed to produce one pound of marketable farmed salmon. For fish oil, it is estimated that millions of tons of other fish are catched and processed to obtain fish oil.
Currently , more than 50 percent of the world fish oil production is feed to farmed salmon and salmon farms currently use about 573,000 tons of processed fish meal and 409,000 tons of fish oil

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