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Fish market A fish market is a place where sellers and buyers come together and sell or purchase fishes. There can be also whole sale trading and sometimes individual consumers can also buy. This is also the place for marketing of the fish products. The common objective of this sector is to increase the production, earnings, and employment opportunities. We have visited Naveen fish market, Dubagga, Hardoi Road, Lucknow (U.P.), and we asked a lot of questions to buyers and sellers about the market condition, procedure of the market, need of the fish market, profitability and risk of this business. We also meet the manager of the fish market, who gave us the information about rules and regulation and facility which provided by the government…show more content…
• Fish farmers contact wholesalers in secondary or higher secondary markets directly and negotiate prices and quantities of fish with the wholesalers on their own initiatives. So wholesalers face competition from other wholesalers, which gives the secondary and higher secondary markets an oligopoly-type structure. These are also the reason that fisherman community become poorer over the time. Fish-marketing channels We know that there is very less chance that any product will reach directly from producer to consumer. So in the fish market there is also a lot of intermediaries available. Fish distribution usually involves four levels. Primary markets In country like India most of the fisherman live in village and sell their fishes at markets located in villages, district headquarters or at a crossroads are considered primary markets. They are usually selling their fish near to areas where fish are caught. Fishermen bring a variety of fishes (dominated by small fish from both open-water capture and from ponds) to the primary markets. Available sellers in the market also told us that in the early morning the prices of the fishes, availability of the fishes, types of the fishes are more than at the other time of the day. Secondary

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