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Fish spa: the positive effect
Have you ever made spa? The spa has various methods such as mineral spring spa, medical spa, club spa, hotel&resort spa, destination spa, day spa and cruise ship spa. Spa is the most popular therapy in many countries which is “ Fish spa” Have you heard the fish spa? The fish spa as place soak part of their bodies in water, but mainly feet and legs. Bangkok post news report that the fish spa basically involves people placing their feet into a water tank filled with toothless within second minutes an army of fish will gather at the people’s feet and nibbled. Turkey and Japan give the acceptance that the fish spa can cure disease. People should consider which the positive effects of fish spa therapy can improve their
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The stink of foot problems which is many people must face. It makes them lack of self-confidence. The fishes eat up bacteria and remove dead skin cells from the foot and the salivate enzyme of Garra rufa which has contains dithranol (anthralin). This stimulates the growth of new skin cells. Can the fish spa therapy to improve health? Dr. Russaphun Sumatiwin (2010; sep7) as medical dermatology explain that the nature of Garra rufa fish will nibble and get a rid of skin peeling. Fish spa therapy can cure skin of disease certainly. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention refer to that medical treatment for individuals with skin disease, like psoriasis. One study has illustrated the effectiveness of fish pedicures in the treatment of psoriasis; However, this treatment was performed in a controlled setting at a medical university in Australia. Many people examine the purity of fish and foot of ulcers because they may receive infective. Dr. Manu Leechawengwong is committee chairman of research fund tuberculosis (Siriraj Foundation in the patronage of king Royal Highness Kalayaniwatt and Kromluangnarathiwat) refer to that the fish spa is the fashion which everyone want to try. In fifteen states of the United States realize the danger of the time that dissuades the using fish spa because of not

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