The Importance Of Fitness In The Human Body

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Fitness improves the quality of sex
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Fitness improves the quality of sex
Endless possibilities of the human body. The only question is desire, desire and training. You can train your brain, increasing the intellectual load, it is possible to cultivate the art of love, loading the muscles and increasing self-esteem.

Fitness improves the quality of sex “Sex and fitness have a lot in common. For example, both fulfill our needs. In the hierarchy of pleasures on the lowest level are primitive – eating, sleeping, someone has alcohol and drugs. At a higher level are pleasure from sex, exercise, music, play or movie. The third stage of pleasure, the highest – the pleasure of creativity, self-actualization. “

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But when the load is not possible to monitor the pulse and count the calories burned. The muscles are stressed enough randomly, and the quality of their “study” remains in doubt.

Therefore, constant work to figure with no fitness is not possible. Aerobic exercise to burn fat has an effect only if lasts a long time. Sex is often ends up at the time when the mechanism of fat burning does not even turn around at full capacity.

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Gymnastics begins with relaxation, during which the participants are given an instructor himself in situations of emotional arousal. The class then focuses on different aspects of lovemaking: special exercises to help prolong sexual intercourse for men and achieve multiple orgasms in women.

And finally, the last stage of training includes simulations of different motions of sexual intercourse. This technique is called FASTER (the initial letters of words – “flexibility, agility, stamina, tone, endurance, rhythm”). It stimulates the muscles of the body parts involved in sex. The creator of the new gymnastics Richard Hilton claims that his fitness class “is the real way without a lot of effort to improve sex life.” According to the instructor, one in four women who took the experimental class, subsequently experienced multiple orgasms the first time in my life. “But many of them have already started menopause – said Hilton. – In addition, all members of the class said that their sex life has greatly improved, and the level of increased sexual stamina.

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