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Fitness Bootcamp – What To Wear At Your Winter Bootcamp Classes Even in the winter your fitness bootcamp sessions will be taking place outdoors. Therefore it is vital that when attending any of your sessions that you wear clothing that is appropriate for this time of the year. It is only about wearing the right kind of clothing it is also about how you dress too ensure that you remain healthy when you are exercising when the weather turns colder or wetter. In this article we offer a few guidelines to help ensure that when it comes to what to wear when exercising when the weather isn’t so great. 1. The clothes that you choose to wear are ones that shouldn’t make you feel warm when you are leaving your home. Ideally you should be looking to wear clothing for exercising in that will keep you warm but won’t make you too hot…show more content…
So a zip up lightweight jacket made from a polyester blend will be perfect. You don’t need to be cold and uncomfortable during your winter fitness bootcamp sessions , wear the right kit and have fun! If you enjoyed this Fitness bootcamp article then check out our home page where you will find many more articles Filed Under: Fitness Bootcamp Comments Ade says: September 28, 2011 at 2:16 am Yeah, winter is the time when you want to stay indoors and pile on the pounds. You kinda tell yourself it’s ok because it is winter but it really isn’t. You need to stay active throughout the year. Your advice about a hat and layers is great advice. If you find yourself getting too hot, simply drop a layer. Also stuff that breathes, like fleece, means you shouldn’t get hot no matter how much exertion you do. Skiers and snowboarders are great examples of the right gear to wear in cold conditions..and if you want to look really cool at your fitness bootcamp, you could even wear a pair of shades !
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