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A fitness goal setting is an important process before embarking onto any weight loss activities. Many people have tried different weight loss programs, but could not reach their wanted fitness level. Some lost the motivation along the way, some got injured and others stopped few days before starting. Usually, this happens because they lacked necessary planning, proper actions and the biggest reason they want to be fit. Actually, setting a fitness goal is easier than you think. You do not even need a gym coach to explain the basic things that needs to be done just to be fit. Searching the Internet alone for advice already gives tons of ideas on how to achieve varying fitness goals. But, many of these are unrealistic and only a few are sound goals. So, what is a practical fitness goal then? It is a simple plan that …show more content…

Before starting a fitness program, visit your doctor first and ask for a medical and physical report of your current health and physiology. Your doctor knows the level of physical activities that you can undertake, so as not to harm yourself. You will use the data gathered from your doctor to estimate the needed activities and time when you can accomplished your ideal fitness. Fortunately, I was physically healthy after my doctor’s check-up even though I was mildly overweight. Also, you need a huge reason why you must get fit and not just a shallow reasoning like I want to look and feel good; this will follow eventually. As for me, my biggest reason is to stay healthy and minimize health problems in the future, especially when I am already old. Like what all expert fitness advisers suggest, the healthiest weight to lose per week is around two pounds. Anything greater than that is considered a health risk; this will also give you a better understanding on what fitness activities and dieting needed during the entire

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