Essay On Fitness Of Memory

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Fitness of Memory
Name: Prawej Ansari
Forgetfulness is so much frustrating for anyone. It is not a personal or an infrequent event today. People, of different ages and countries, are complaining about the memory lapses. They are forgetting very simple things like forgetting their keys, scheduling two appointments for the same time, losing a train of thought, not recalling what they wanted to get from the kitchen, and worst of everything is forgetting names. The frequency and lapses rate grows with people’s age, and this problem can even be frightening. It is all too easy to worry that each little memory lapse is actually the early sign of a slow decline to dementia.

Although diabetes seems to increase a person’s risk for developing dementia,
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You may notice that you are more likely to forget names when you are preoccupied with work or have not gotten a good night’s sleep. Attention is one of the most sensitive aspects of intellectual functioning, and it is hard to pay attention to one thing if other things are running around you or when you are distracted by your thoughts and life events. Attention is essential to memory, and if it is lacking, the underlying problem is not really forgetfulness, rather the information was not stored properly in the first place. You can learn to focus, build your attention span, lifestyle, exercise, good night sleep, healthy diet, and adequate hearing and clear vision improve your memory.
Emotional distress, like anxiety or depression, makes people more distractible and interferes with memory function. Recent research suggests that stress may even have a direct, negative effect on the areas of the brain most responsible for memory. While it is normal to experience a certain amount of stress in your life, if feelings of anxiety, sadness, or despair interfere with your day-to-day activities, it is probably time to seek professional help. Doing so will benefit not only your memory but also your quality of

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