Essay On Five Day School Week

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The Culpeper school board is considering removing the five day school week, replacing it with a four day school week and adding 10 hours to the school day instead of the current amount of 8 hours in the belief it might be more beneficial than the system we have currently. I believe a four day school week would be less beneficial than a five day school week because students will have less time at home and this will affect all Culpeper County School employees. There will be overall less time at home during the school week. Getting rid of these extra hours will disrupt the lives of every Culpeper family with a Culpeper County Schools student. If you add one hour onto the beginning and end of the school day, secondary students will be out of…show more content…
Shana Meyer, a teacher in the Apache Junction Unified District, argues teachers “use Fridays as their planning day” and that the lessons they have been “creating far superior lessons” compared to their previous lessons made during a five day school week (Long). They may be creating better lessons, but a schedule that is more spread out is more beneficial towards most students. Tim Tharp is a superintendent in Starburst, Montana who recorded student scores over time during a four day school schedule and compared them to the student scores during a five day school schedule. He concluded that student scores improved at first, but as time went on the scores plummeted. Despite these amazing lesson plans, the students’ performance overall did not improve. Most school districts move to the four day school week in an effort to cut budget spending. Schools are funded by property taxes. In counties and districts where there is a high percentage of the population that are in poverty, there will be less funding for schools. If they want to fix the budget problem, they could redistrict the schools in a way that mixes middle class housing and people in
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