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Permanent or fixed-term employment – Fixed term contract lasts for a specific period of time. It depends on the different country labour laws to make sure that employers still practise labour rights regardless of a contract form. A permanent contract form has to be drafted in relation to the employer’s right to terminate the contract on reasonable notice.
Casual employment- Can be defined as when an employee is only called to work if needed. Three is no expectation of continuing to work. This is not usually a contested matter because it is the kind of employment agreement that only exists during periods of work. A casual worker does not as much rights to make demands and can easily be replaced.
Apprentices- A person who is employed under a training contract. They are entitled to get paid as they get trained. The traineeship has to go
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People are there to make a living for themselves so you should be fair to reward them for the effort they put in. Workers also need to be guided on how the job needs to be done. As an employer, you need to improve your equipment because technology changes from time to time. The area in which your team works in should be suitable for them to do their jobs.
When you advertise a job, you should keep in mind not to be discriminative. This can easily scare off potential employees and give you a bad reputation. You have to professional and put on a good image so that people would want to work for you.
You need to know how to put your company out there for people to know exactly what you expect from them. Be corporate.
Interview- As an employer, you need to know how to ask questions and speak fluently and professionally. Be friendly and polite but stay firm. You also need to know how to select the right person for the job. Be observant of the characteristics of the applicants.
3.1) Describe the link between motivation and

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