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Flashlight—it is a suitable, battery-operated that produces light and eliminate darkness. Inside this flashlight, there is a section suitable for the placement of the dry cells that are formed vertically which acts as the handle of the flashlight. Through a switch mechanism placed between the batteries and the lamp, the act of the flow of electricity from the batteries to the bulb at the front end of the light is controlled.

Sources of useful, portable light are required throughout history. The first light sources were torches and candles, but lanterns were often used as replacement and cultured by people to burn different kinds of oils extracted from animals and minerals.

However, it was not until the nineteenth century that electricity was harnessed to generate light. Joshua Lionel Cowen (American Eveready Battery Company’s original owner) produced the modern battery powered flashlight in 1898; also he developed a thought
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Independent as flashlight may seem, it also depends on its different parts for it to work.

Simple household flashlight is the most typical flashlight which is composed of a tube like handle which serves as the compartment for batteries. This handle is affixed to a threaded head assembly that houses the bulb mechanism. . Ordinary batteries that also provide a typical light output are operated by these units.

Intended for industrial or professional use, special designs are required. Heavier gauge materials make up this light making it more durable. They are also intended to produce a brighter shaft of light. Flashlights are very useful to laborers. Flashlights with brighter beams are used by the police, firefighters, and the military. Also, camping lanterns are larger units, usually powered by heavy duty batteries. Fluorescent tubes are frequently used as a light source because of its greater energy

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