Essay On Flexible Thinking

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Do you pride yourself of being a flexible thinker? In our English class on April 26th, we tested this skill as we took on a task of crossing out nine circles. There were only three simple rules, you can only use straight lines, circles must be in a square form and you can only use 4 lines. The last rule changed from 3 to 2 and finally only using 1 line as the class went on. I thought that this activity was a very intriguing task as, firstly it was very hard to solve and secondly it questioned what flexible thinking really is and if the way we teach is correct. Firstly, this task was frustrating as you needed to think outside the box. For example if you wanted to cross the nine circles out with two lines you would need to be very pesty by…show more content…
But on the other hand most people in our class struggled to find original and interesting ideas. This made me wonder if the education in our modern era is really collect. In our society when we go to an educational facility we are told to: “follow the rules”. I felt that this “common sense” itself is limiting children all over the world of thinking flexibly. For example, some government officers and parents say that every thing is dangerous as: ”the ocean is dangerous, playgrounds are dangerous, games are dangerous”Because of this, a lot of things are getting banned and following the rules is becoming more and more stricter. I believe doing this is a bad thing as teaching like this is similar to brainwashing children into doing only neutral /normal things. This has actually being proved in a scientific way as there was a study done in 2010 by Kyung Hee Kim( a creative researcher at the College of William and Mary ) on changes of the level of skills children have. According to this study children from the 1990’s are better at being more creative, original and even have a better sense of humor than the children in this age. To make children more creative I believe we need to let children have lots of kinds of experiences and make sure that children are not becoming just a stereotype. There are
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