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Fly Fishing for Carp :: Fishing

There was a time when fishing for carp in the US was unheard of. However, the growth in popularity of the sport in recent years has meant that more and more people, when fly fishing, are accidentally catching these large fish.

Whether you’ve done so accidentally and want to know more, or if the idea of fly fishing for forty pound monster fish is just something that sounds cool to you (and it is!), then read on for some more tips on how it’s done:Sight Casting

Like bonefish, you can often spot carp tailing in shallow water. Also like bonefish, carp is greedy critters, which will try to snack on anything that happens to appear in their line of sight. If this is the case when you go fly fishing for carp, you will want to try sight casting.
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You will locate the carp in the shadows by sight, and cast your line two or three feet in front of them. As soon as that carp sees your bait, you’re likely to have a bite,and a long, hard, and exciting run! Definitely, a must try for anyone interested in fly fishing for carp!

Blind Casting Sometimes, when fly fishing for carp, as for any other fish, you don’t have visual confirmation that the fish are there. In those cases, you should try blind casting as your fly fishing for carp method.There are two ways to do this. One is to take it completely on faith, and simply cast your line in the area that you hope, or suspect the fish will be patrolling. It’s not a very effective way to go fly fishing for carp though,and you might find yourself frustrated before you get that elusive bite!

The second way to try blind casting when fly fishing for carp is to lay down ground bait in an area where you are pretty sure the fish will be. This will excite them and draw them in. Once they’re good and hungry, and competing for that bait, your fly fishing for carp will be a heck of a lot simpler – and more
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