Essay On Followership In America

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Being an outsider from The United States I have always been fascinated by the lifestyle and vast diversity that this country possesses. I hold great admiration for their leaders and the way they somehow always manage to do what’s best for their country. Although, naturally no one is perfect. From what I can perceive America is mostly a place where freedom, of any type, is actually part of the daily lives of their citizens. From speaking their minds freely to being able to conduct their lives as they please. With this idea in mind I have come to the realization that, although America has so many positive aspects regarding their lifestyle, it has a major flaw which is their lack of followership, however there can’t be a followership problem…show more content…
With freedom comes power and great responsibility not just for an individual but with everyone to whom that person has contact with, alongside to this it also brings self-righteousness and greed. David Brooks relies his accusations on vanity, in my opinion this makes complete sense. Humans have a predisposition to believe that the absolute truth is the one that they know or understand and there is no way around it. This behavior is only cemented when their leaders don’t lead by example and prefer to avoid informing their followers about important issues and historical facts that they should be proud of. From my research I’ve come to know that Americans are left in the dark so many times by their leaders that it should be no surprise when these people start to speculate about the truth because it is a natural human…show more content…
America is said to be the land of the free, and for the most part this is true, but it will truly become a free country for everyone when the truth is out in the open for the people to see and most importantly for them to be educated. The only path for a balanced civilization is to maintain high standards of values and knowing the simple fact that an educated world brings with it educated ideas and mindsets. Remember that
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