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The mattress may be one of the most used but one of the most ignored piece of furniture inside our house. We sleep on it everyday (well, almost everyday) and even lie on it on lazy days and have a movie fest. Of course, because we use it everyday, the mattress is also the most vulnerable to stain attacks. They may come from our food, from our drinks, or even from our own urine. Oops? Sometimes we just ignore these stains, or perhaps attempt to brush the crumbs off our mattresses. However, that is not a right nor healthy practice. Food crumbs can easily attract ants and other breeds of insects; it 's like giving them an open invitation to live inside your mattress. Liquid spills will do the same and will even become a breeding place for harmful…show more content…
They break down the stain and odors biologically so you can be sure your mattress is really clean. Just be sure to follow the instructions or you may be adding damage to your mattress instead. For urine, clean with vinegar and baking soda Urine is one of the leading causes of mattress stain. Some may use hydrogen peroxide to combat this but another proven solution is to use vinegar and baking soda. To use vinegar, combine equal parts of lukewarm water and white, distilled vinegar. Spray the solution on the stain and then blot off the excess moisture afterwards. Baking soda is helpful in neutralizing the odor caused by urine. With the area still damp, pour on baking soda and leave it on overnight. For blood, use some hydrogen peroxide Blood, unfortunately for women, is one of the hardest kind of stains to clean. The other milder methods mentioned above may not work on blood stain so you can directly use some hydrogen peroxide. Put the solution on the stain using a white rag or white towel (something that will not discolor). You will notice that the area will start to bubble once you apply hydrogen peroxide on it. Keep rubbing on the spot until you see that the blood stain has been removed. Of course, it is likely that the fabric of your mattress will be bleached as

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