Essay On Food Deserts

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The rising health problems in the United States of America are caused by poor nutrition, people who are sedentary, the lack of healthcare prevention, and many more. As reported on the Tikkun website, “Of the many systems in our world today that need to be reimagined, none is more important for our future than our food system” (1). The lack of our food system is one of the many factors that has led the United States to its uprising dilemmas; one of the many factors are the food deserts across the U.S. Food deserts are geographic areas where access to affordable healthy and nutritious food are limited, or impossible to purchase, by residents in the area. Food deserts are prone to low-income areas that can’t afford transportation, and due to the lack of grocery stores and supermarkets that sells fresh produce and healthy food within convenient distance to resident’s homes, there is a difficulty in obtaining healthy food options which leads to countless health issues. According to the Diabetes Forecast website, “About 18.3 million Americans live in low-income areas and are far from a supermarket” (1). So the problem is, how can food deserts be eliminated in the…show more content…
As shown in the article “A Call for Applied Sociology,” Adams, Ulrich, and Coleman expresses that, “Over the last twenty years a stream of research has begun to flow that explores how access (or lack of access) to food environments, including supermarket, grocery store, and food retail establishments, impacts food shipping habits and thus, nutritional habits” (58). Food Deserts are linked to many health effects; some of those health effects are cardiovascular disease, obesity, cancer, diabetes, hypertension, and even premature death. If there were better sources of adequate foods, perhaps these health problems would not have intensified as
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