Essay On Food Diseases

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Do you know foodborne diseases become very serious in our country? Over– 20 billion meals in the Malaysia in 2015. They spent the money on food in Malaysia, which is 55% in restaurant and food service industry. 5 in 10 of Malaysian eat in restaurants every day and 2 in 5 of people eat the meals per week in restaurants. Foodborne diseases can cause 10 million illnesses and 2657 people deaths in Malaysia every year and maybe more. It is clearly to say restaurant should be more responsible in the safety and the Malaysia food supply rule and regulations.


So our objective is to investigates the foodservice organization, how the foodborne hazard could be happening. Every day, at least of one meals we will go restaurant,
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After that place the frozen food in cooler during transport. Place fresh food and ready food to separate area, so it can be avoiding the cross-contamination.
Secondly is “Receiving”, after receiving the frozen food, we need to store it immediately to prevent the cross-contamination and also keep receiving area clean.
Thirdly, “Storing”, be remember to record all the delivery and purchase date of the food, so you can know the expire date is when. Use oldest food first (FIFO). Be avoid store chemicals things together with the food. Be sure u know maintain proper refrigerator, freezer, and dry storage.
Fourthly, “Preparing”, always wash your hand frequently, properly when prepared a food, so that can be avoid the cross-contamination causes. Also keep foods out of temperature danger zone, like 41 – 135 Fahrenheit. Be thaw food properly.
Fifthly. “Cooking”, use a clean food thermometer. Cook food with a proper temperature and time to avoid the food become charred.
Sixth, “Serving & Holding”, try to avoid the cross-contamination, be sure you hold the food at proper temperature, like 41-135 Fahrenheit. Follow good personal cleanliness standards and maintain a sterile nutritional
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