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Food and Economy: Food in Everyday Life. Rice is the main dietary staple in most of the country. In the north and the west, where the climate is mostly too dry to grow rice, wheat is the staple grain. In the south, many people begin their day with rice porridge, or congee, served with shrimp, vegetables, and pickles. Lunch is somehow similar to breakfast. The evening meal which is the day's largest may meal include soup, which is mostly served as the last course.
People cook in a wok, that is, a metal pan with a curved bottom; this style of cooking needs little oil and a short cooking time. Steaming in bamboo baskets lined with cabbage leaves is also another way of cooking. Meat is very expensive and is served sparingly.
The cuisine can be broken down into four main geographic varieties. In Beijing and Shandong, specialties include Beijing duck which is served with pancakes and plum sauce, sweet and sour carp, and bird's nest soup. Shanghainese cuisine
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However, the decentralization of the economy has often conflicted with the tight reign and authority exercised by the highly centralized political system. The economy is burdened with large spread corruption, bureaucracy, and large state-run businesses that have been unable to keep up with economic expansion. Inflation rates, which rose highly in the 1980s, fell between 1995 and 1999 as a result of strict monetary policies and government control of food prices. Although the economy appears to be improving, the standard of living in the rural areas still remains low, and in provinces that are becoming increasingly autonomous, such as Shanghai and Guangzhou, the government faces problems in collecting taxes from those

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