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The impact of healthy food labeling on the consumer buying behavior Identifying consumer response towards healthy food labeling, such as nutritional facts, their willingness to purchase, and consumer buying behavior. The more consumers are exposed to advertisements and other source of communication between firms and consumers, more knowledge is gained and consumer learns to approach products better and make better buying decisions. But as the dynamics of diet related and health problems have increased over the past years, it became necessary to understand what is being consumed and what it’s composed off as well as its affect. Consequently, nutritional labeling has emerged as an important variable to take into consideration during food purchase…show more content…
Most of the time a standard of food labels can be noticed among many items labels. Most common information are serving size , number of calories ,grams of fat ,and other kinds of ingredients. The purpose of food labeling is to enhance consumer choice, as well as to give consumers the ability to compare and understand what suites their preference best. Consumers are exposed to a lot of variety of choices and often these choices are narrowed down because of price sensitivity and health concern for example some products cannot be suitable for someone with high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases or allergies but food labeling can help to compare the content. Most of the food labeling state that an average intake of calories for women is 2,000 and 2,200 intake for men. Such information can help to determine appropriate diet and proportion intake to create a balanced diet. Another good use of the food labeling is the easiness of use and reading ,even young children who are capable to read can understand and be able to make a better decision themselves by choosing better lunch

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