Essay On Food Rationing

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World War II was such a big and devastating event that happened in history, especially when people had to face food rationing as well. Food rationing was a very big issue in the 1940’s which caused people to go into starvation or to enter the black market. The black market was an illegal trade system that some people went through. Food rationing had started in 1940 and ended in 1946. There were so many aspects of food rationing such as: ration books, stamps, and the ways it affected people. Food Rationing was when the government found it necessary to conserve and limit their food supply. This was also done to control the supply and demand. Other things had been rationed to like oil, gas clothing, tires, and many more resources. Food rationing was also introduced to avoid public anger, which could have been triggered if they didn’t have the same amount of food as others. The wealthy people got the same amount of food and stamps in the ration books as well. Even though the people's food was being limited most didn’t complain, because they knew it was going to the people in uniform fighting for them ("World War II Rationing"). What is a ration book? Well a ration book is a book full of stamps that are used to buy resources, like food.…show more content…
With people not getting or having as much food they started to grow “Victory Gardens”, which were greatly influenced by the government ("The American Family in World War II”). The Industries had been affected by not having enough resources to make things, but then they introduced Macaroni and Cheese Dinner box. The Industries sold 80 million boxes of Macaroni and Cheese Dinner. People had used this as a substitute for meat and dairy products. For every coupon that you used on the boxes you get two boxes of Macaroni and Cheese Dinner ("World War II Rationing”).The families and industries had gone through a rough time when food rationing was going
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