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Food matters. Nevertheless, food safety in China is worse than what you thought; you can never imagine how toxic it is. Although there are variety choices of restaurant for us to eat nowadays, many people still choose to eat at home. Not only to save money, but also be sensible for their own health. Think about our situation now, we can constantly buy meats that we think is fresh and yummy, but who knows if it’s healthy and safe? Is it truly what you want? What materials the restaurant serves you? Food safety effect people a lot. Nowadays, especially in China, many citizens are already despair in this affair. Food safety is one of the most principal issues to the whole world; as one of the most important feature in everybody’s life, we should have the authority to eat healthy. No matter in the restaurant or in the market, food safety matters everywhere, especially baby food, what will the world be like if the babies all drinking poisoned powder milk? How will they grow up healthy and happily?…show more content…
Kids are the future of the world, but nowadays, powdered milk, as one of the main food for babies, are covered by problems and problems. According to "Tainted-Baby-Milk Scandal in China." Published by the Time news website, this does make the article more reliable since sometimes Chinese authors are under government control, they want to report the fact but they just can’t. These two authors talks about Chinese powdered milk from two points, the toxic and the sad effect as well as the Sanlu "melamine" incident. This article talks about China 's milk powder’s safety, which is truly worse than what you thought; you can never imagine how toxic it is. This article does a wonderful job both telling us the bad this powder milk resulting in many family tragedies, and many children died because of this powdered milk. Although there is a lot of helpful information in this article, a particularly strong quote

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