Essay On Food Shortage In India

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Food is a huge part of our life. Agriculture is the most important section of some countries like India. Because half of Indian are farmers. Somehow, they always can provide themselves. However, the population increased and atrocious harvest even other problems lead to unbalanced food distribution. India, the largest population in the world. In fact, it also suffers from a food shortage crisis. There are three effects in Indian to food shortage. First, people do not have that much enough food to eat. They become malnourished. The Malnutrition rate directly is high, especially that children suffer a lot. Health always an enormous problem in India. Second, some of them start to leave their homeland. This makes migration…show more content…
The influence of food shortage directly show that people are malnourished, some of them start to leave their homeland and government become more unstable. The problem caused by population gradually increasing, the problem of corruption and agriculture occupies in the national economy. Therefore, the first solution to the food shortage in India is increasing the food security. Through change the timing, placement and type of fertilizer, it can be more efficient. The second solution to the food shortage in India is that the command also will spend more money to provide some free meals for children and the pregnant woman. Nevertheless, those are all short-term solutions to help food shortage out. The best solution to the food shortage in India is humanitarian donations aid. Some worldwide organization donates funds to help India, by doing that, it also can improve the good relationship between countries. People have the energy to go outside to work to provide the family. Companies can be bigger by reason of the gigantic population. In the end, India may suffer from food shortage, but as long as those solutions goes, it will be better after years by

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