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Global trends in acute food shortages in both developed and developing countries demand that food scientists should intensify efforts to salvage the situation by providing nutritional information to educate the teeming population so as to expose some underutilized legumes and cereals like, pearl millet, sorghum, black soyabean, horse gram, cowpea and buck wheat. An appropriate processing technology can enhance the agricultural production of such crops and lead to value addition maintaining the quality of the product. They form an important component of diet of people in India especially in rural and remote areas as they are good source of proteins, minerals and vitamins. Several studies have been conducted on processing of legumes and cereals indicating its importance and future potential including health benefits in modern…show more content…
Both ac- and P-amylases are needed to hydrolyze starch and produce fermentable sugars in these processes (Beta et al., 1995). During malting, barley undergoes an incomplete natural germination process that involves a series of enzyme degradations of barley kernel endosperm. As a result of this enzyme degradation, endosperm cell walls degrade, and starch granules release from the matrix of the endosperm in which they are embedded. These structural changes and biochemical degradations of the endosperm components are referred to as endosperm modification (Gunkel et al., 2002). Malted seeds of finger millet and mungbean after 24 hours of germination have significantly higher level of free amino acid and reducing sugar content when compared to raw seeds. Aziah et al., 2012 conducted the study to substitute wheat flour with legume flour of mungbean and chick pea and prepared cookies with increased level of protein, crude fibre and ash content and lower in carbohydrate and energy value compared to wheat flour

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