Essay On Food Stamps

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Imagine you’re craving a candy bar. Your decision to eat one should not be decided by Congress. The responsibility of your health lies in moderation and building healthy habits. A New York Times study concluded that “...purchases of less-healthy foods were common across all households, regardless of whether they used food stamps.” People should be able to buy junk food with food stamps. First, class segregation is a big deal in determining who agrees with the food stamp rules and who doesn’t. Of course, the rich and privileged are going to be upset about food stamp users buying certain things. A commonly used argument is : “Why don’t they get off their butts and work for it. I have had to work for what I have, so should they. My taxes should not be going towards the lazy buying extra, not needed things.” People should be able to buy what they want. The government should not be able to control the lives of the less fortunate, even if they are a part of food stamps. If middle and upper class get to decide what they eat, so should…show more content…
The taxpayers have to think about what they spend their money on and so do food stamp users. The main goal of food stamps is to help low income families get quality food. Another goal is to be filling. Junk food is not filling unless you consume a lot, leading to weight gain. You need essential food to keep you alive and healthy, and junk food is not a necessity. In conclusion, food stamp users should be able to buy junk food. If the state takes it away for those, they should take it away for these who buy their groceries. Some people need junk food to live. Obesity is not going to decrease by taking away the opportunity and right to purchase junk food for the food stamp users, nor will it increase much if at all. The middle and upper class are able to buy junk food and the food stamp users aren’t, only a portion of obesity would
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