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This paper talks about food waste in schools and how it impacts us in our daily lives and our world. Foods in landfills create methane gases which increases global warming. People are starving and do not have access to food, while we are wasting instead of giving it away. Food waste in schools has been a problem for decades and that is something that we need to change. Schools are also losing money by students throwing away their foods. Schools should give students longer lunch periods, so kids can have time to finish their meal instead of throwing it away, and more choices with their food choice. This issue is not just nation issue but a worldwide issue.

A Cafeteria Crisis: Food Waste In Schools
Due to food waste, “Schools lose about 1.2
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According to Cohen (2016), “food waste in schools has been a problem for decades” and it is a problem that is new but we have been about this for a long time (para. 1). If food waste has been a problem for this long something needs to change. A study from Ashley Welch a journalist at CBS News (2015) found, that when the new mandate was passed the food waste in schools increased by 56 percent. This shows how that new regulation or laws will make sense if food waste is decreasing not increasing. Food waste in schools increases every day, every year, and that should not be…show more content…
According to Cohen (2016) “schools lose about 1.2 billion dollars a year because of food waste” (para. 1). Schools don’t educate students about food waste and don 't tell them importance of food waste and what it does to this planet and economy. According to New York Times in 2015, “70 percent of school meal programs had taken a significant financial hit since the new mandates went into effect” (para. 8). Since the new mandate went into the place the money loss from food waste increased and the cost of school lunches also increased but the federal government pays for

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