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Reasons Why You Should Know Your Foot Arch Type Do you know your foot arch type? Or do you even know what a foot arch is? Perhaps you haven’t paid much attention to your feet but your feet have a structure called foot arch. If you would look at the bottom of your foot, you’ll notice that your feet are not entirely flat. The bottom of your feet has a curve and is shaped like an arch. That’s your foot arch. Your foot arch acts like a spring. Whenever you take a step, your foot arches help bear the weight of your body and absorb the shock from the ground. But not all foot arches work the same since it has three main types. Before proceeding to the importance of knowing your foot arch type, here are the different foot arch types. Types of…show more content…
The neutral foot arch is your normal arch wherein half of your arch touches the ground. Your heel, ball of the foot and your big toe have just the right arch alignment. As such, having a neutral foot arch is considered to be the most efficient type of foot because of its good structure and ability to absorb shocks properly. Though having a neutral arch is the most efficient, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be at risk of developing foot problems. Low foot arch. If the entire bottom of your feet seems to be touching the ground completely, then you have a low foot arch or flat feet. Clinically known as pes planus, a low foot arch is a kind of foot arch deformity which can either be congenital or acquired. For its congenital causes, some ethnicities are just born having flat feet. While the acquired causes can be from excessive weight-bearing activities or muscular insufficiency. High foot arch. You have a high foot arch if the middle of your feet barely touches the ground. A high foot arch is clinically known as pes planus. Just like a low foot arch, it is also a kind of foot arch deformity which can be caused by neurological disorders such as cerebral palsy or stroke. Or you are just born having a high foot
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