Foot Binding Discipline

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Foot Binding has a Discipline Introduction The use of foot binding is a discipline. Discipline comes in many forms but, when it comes to foot binding, the country China values discipline. When it comes to foot binding women, must go through the pain and difficult to having their foot bounded. In order to get married ladies foot, need to be sized down. Once they are married, the children also need to go through the same process. The society thought small feet were beautiful. Foucault used the word docile has a body to be transformed and improved, with this reference a women's body is being improved, with their feet being transformed and broken. While foot binding represent beauty in Chinese culture. While the history of foot binding can be…show more content…
He started writing a piece called "The Docile Bodies" where he expressed punishment and discipline to his readers. The writing talks about the eighteenth century and a solider and how the soldiers action and body acts during the eighteenth century. The solider is the type that could be recognized, the solider has a body that shows strength and power. The eighteenth century was a domination. During the eighteenth century the discoverers of body as an object has a target of power. "There is a useful body and an intelligible body." The useful body is used for action like walking, fighting and etc., while the intellectual body is used for the think and the thought…show more content…
Dorothy Ko talks about many myths and in her article about the origins, the development, and the eventual end, Ko explores the process of male power and female desires during the practice's the article argues that the men's desire for bound feet was connected to larger concerns such as "cultural nostalgia, regional rivalries, and claims of male privilege." (p.g 60, Ko) it describes how women of those who could afford it, the wealthy women bound their own and their daughters' feet as a symbol for high status and self-respect. The binding of feet, "was associated with bodily labor and domestic work, and properly bound feet and beautifully made shoes both required exquisite skills and technical knowledge passed from generation to generation." (p.g 78

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