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What causes Foot Odor
Foot odor is a condition that is associated with an unpleasant and strong smell of the feet. It 's one of the common body odors that affect humans. Smelly feet results to stinking socks and shoes. Foot odor is a serious condition that can affect a person at any age, so long as he or she wears shoes. It has a negative in one 's life as many people don 't like it.
People can isolate you if your feet have that cheesy and vinegary smell. It becomes an issue when you meet your friends or relatives somewhere in a room and you are expected to take out the shoes. This can turn everything into a mess. To avoid this problem, you need to know how to prevent or treat foot odor. Unfortunately, some people care less about foot odor
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You simply need to observe proper hygiene. Keep your feet, shoes and socks clean and dry. By doing this, there will be no room for the development of bacteria. Wash your feet, change socks regularly and make sure that you enough pair of shoes so that you can alternate them and keep them clean and dry.
Skin and fungal infections
Another familiar source of foot odor is keratolysis. This is an infection that affects the skin and it develops in incidences where shoes are worn for long while excessive sweating occurs. This infection can also result from bacteria growth. As this condition worsens, strong sulfur like smell emanates from the feet. It 's that smell that causes stinky feet. The craterlike pits present on toes ' surfaces or on the feet are signs of keratolysis.
Fungal growth is another source of foot odor. Fungi cause peeling amid toes and scaly feet skin. Fungal infection, also known as athlete 's foot leads to scaling, pain, itching and burning of the affected areas of the feet. Fungal infections are contagious and spread from one person to another.
Proper hygiene can help to prevent these infections and in turn curb foot odor. Breathable shoes and cotton socks make your feet dry and put off an unpleasant smell. Antifungal medications can also treat the athlete 's feet and secure your feet from foot odor.

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