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Redesigning the Football Helmet

Head to head contact is a very serious matter. Kids, adults, and everyone in between are getting hurt in football due to the hard hits they take either in practice or games. The goal is to make football safer but people are still getting hurt and even killed. There are new helmets coming out every year but still not eliminating the problem.
Injuries caused from head contact need to be eliminated. Concussions and traumatic brain injuries are a very high percentage of the injuries that high school athletes sustain every year. Football is the most common sport for traumatic brain injury with 29.1% of the injuries being treated and released at the emergency room. The percent that is admitted to the emergency room is 24.7% for these brain injuries from playing football. ("Concussion Statistics for High School Sports", Lindsey Barton Straus, JD. There is a concussion test on ("Heads up on Concussion" where you can learn how to spot the signs of a concussion. This is helpful for parents to know if their child may be suffering from a concussion or not. The motto is "when in doubt, sit them out". It is better to play …show more content…

This is one of the biggest advancements in helmet technology or one of the worst ones. In one perspective they provided more padding and protection for the football player. On the other hand it gave the players the ability to use it as a weapon on the field and gave them the confidence to hit other players with their head, where before they were scared to use their head. Once players found out they could use their heads they began to use it more often and in some instances these hits left players unconscious and concussed. Concussions are a bad deal in any sport and if a player is concussed and doesn 't say anything and gets another one it can lead to permanent or long term brain damage or in the most severe cases even

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