Concussions In Youth Sports Essay

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The era of Football in America is slowly coming to a close.
Football has been known as America’s sport next to baseball for many years now.
The general physicality of every play isn’t(B3) matched by any other sport on the planet, and that is why football causes more injuries than any other sport on the professional, and youth levels.
Parents are pulling their kids from their teams, even in the middle of the season because of the information that has been released over the past decade illuminating a big problem for the game. This problem is called concussions.
Concussions are running rampant, not only in the professional and college level where these athletes are moving at top speeds, but the High School and grade school levels have been faced
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Youth sports are an intricate part of our society.
They teach kids from a young age how to work together as a team, which they can then build on and use in other facets of their lives.
Concussions in youth football are at an all-time high, only because they weren’t (B3)kept track of until recent years.
Anyone who has had a brain injury in the past needs to be aware of the symptoms of CTE, not only for themselves, but also for the people around them.
Football causes about ten times the amount of significant brain injuries compared to other popular sports (What).
A sport with as much violence as football needs to be taken seriously.
Children who are not aware of the consequences and the magnitude of the injuries they can sustain need to be protected.
Youth football should be put to an end.
If a young adult knows the potential consequences of the game and still chooses to play, then they at least made the decision on their own terms as opposed to an eight or nine year old child whose father signed them up for youth
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