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By far rebounding is considered one of the most effective activities that helps in promoting blood flow, moving of the lymphatic system and draining the toxins out of the body. Moreover it offers a myriad of health benefits to prevent cancer and other degenerative diseases.

HYDROTHERAPY- is a form of natural radiation which uses ice, water, vapor, steam, and hot and cold temperatures to restore health and maintain it. Among its health benefits are increasing the respiratory and heart rate, enhancing metabolism functions and increasing perspiration which aids in detoxification.

As we all know, the skin is the body’s largest detoxifying organ hence, it should effectively regulate warmth and proper circulation in the body. Also the skin helps in purging the accumulated toxins which is essential to healing. Various forms of water therapy have been used for centuries in treating diseases and
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Some facilities BodyClenz Holistic Health Center and Los Angeles Ionic Detox FootBaths by JENTOX are now offering the treatment. Now it is another must do alternative treatment for cancer patients. The medical history of ionic footbath is loosely linked to Royal Raymond Rife , an American inventor. He developed the theory about viruses and frequency.

The process includes soaking the feet for 30 minutes in a footbath with low voltage electrical currents, filled with saltwater. This will create negative and positive ions. The negative ions will enter the body and attack toxins. There are incidences of water changing color while doing the treatment and this is due to iron oxidation.

According to its proponents, ionizing foot baths offer health benefits such as reducing headaches, increased in energy levels and improve sleep. Other are claiming more specific results such as imporving kidney and liver functions, balancing hormones, enhancing immunity and protecting the body against

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