Foraging Theory Essay

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Foraging refers to the act of searching for the wild food resources. Foraging affects the fitness of an animal since it plays a key role in the ability of the animal to survive and reproduce. It involves studying how animals behave in response to the environment they are living in. It is a branch of behavioral ecology. Economy models are used for the purpose of understanding foraging, and most of these economic models are a kind of optimality model. The discussion on foraging theory is centered on optimizing the payoff from a decision on foraging.
Why Forage?
You might be asking yourself the question, “why forage for wild food?” The prices of food stuffs have greatly increased in the past few years. The prices for fresh and dry vegetables
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Of course, there must be some wild edibles in that yard you are living in. You just have to get out of your house and get them. This can only take you a number of minutes compared to going to the market or shopping center so as to buy foodstuffs. With foraging, one can save time and money. Who doesn’t like to do this? I think none. Preparation of wild edibles is also much easy as compared to some of commercial foodstuffs that we rely on. You also have to know that some wild edibles have some medicinal value. If you learn and understand the wild edibles which are not poisonous, diseases will not be part of you. Foods processed in the industries are known for the high degree of chemicals that they have. This is not the case with wild edibles as they only contain natural chemicals and some of these chemicals have a medicinal value. However, before going for a particular wild edible, be sure that it is poisonous or identify its non-poisonous part and consume it only. Also, if it is a water plant, you should know the kind of water in which it was grown. If it was grown in contaminated water, then you should avoid eating it. Eating such a wild edible is like drinking the contaminated water, and this can lead to sicknesses or even
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