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In this article the author, Laurie Shrage affirms that forced fatherhood is not something that we should be doing simply because it is not only unhealthy but unfair. She asks the question should men have the same rights and control over when and how they become a father. I appreciate a lot of this article; Shrage goes on to explain with insight from political philosopher Elizabeth Brake, who has a great view on this topic. Brake brings up that fact that “if women’s partial responsibility for pregnancy does not obligate them to support a fetus, then men’s partial responsibility for pregnancy does not obligate them to support a resulting child.” This is one of many important points of Brakes, that Shrage uses to support her argument. As I continue with this paper I will give a summary of the argument that Laurie is making and evaluate it. In the conclusion, I…show more content…
We live in a day where sex is becoming less and less about relationships and more and more about flesh with instant gratification that can result in a delayed reaction. Not thinking about that sex was created for procreation and the making of life, yet that is the last thing some people think about these days in relation to sex. There are two things that were said in this article that are spot on and what I believe are spot on points in support of this whole thing. Shrage states: “However, just as court-ordered child support does not make sense when a woman goes to a sperm bank and obtains sperm from a donor who has not agreed to father the resulting child, it does not make sense when a woman is impregnated ( accidentally or possibly by her choice) from sex with a partner who has not agreed to father a child with her. In consenting to sex, neither a man nor a woman gives consent to become a parent, just as in consenting to any activity, one does not consent to yield to all the accidental outcomes that might flow from that

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