Essay On Foreign Aid In Canada

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Canada should increase the amount of aid that it gives to other countries and, not to increase the amount of aid that it gives to aid itself.
Primarily, in the recent years, Canada is not meeting its expectation from the United Nations on the total foreign aid spending and currently, Canada 's aid spending dropped to a 0.24% of GDP in 2014, down from 0.27% the previous year. That is significantly below the United Nations’ target of 0.7% of GDP which Canada is not close at all to. Instead of increasing our aid as more casualties follow, our aid is decreasing significantly for reasons that are not as important. “Over the last decade, Canada has been a diminishing actor in foreign aid, with spending falling to $4.2 billion in 2014, down from $5.6 billion two years earlier, ” states Jim Coyle, a valid journalist from the Toronto Star. Canada scored in the bottom half of the rankings in a global survey of foreign aid spending that has been released recently. Now that we have switched to a liberal government, they stated that they would restore Canada’s status as an “engaged player on the world’s stage” meaning that we would have to increase our aid spending.
Secondly, our aid budget is
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Canada is recognized in some countries as a donor and others, not at all and to further develop our good relation to as many countries as we can, we have to be there to help in the time of a crises which will not only help that country, but also help Canada as well so that they will benefit from the foreign aid and also us too. Canada’s foreign aid increase will be very beneficial to us and the developing nations and will help us either way at the
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