Essay On Forensic Autopsy

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Introduction Forensic pathologists are specially trained medical physicians that determine the death of people who died suddenly or violently. This essay will examine the steps they take to determine the cause of death, and .
The meaning of autopsy is to look at yourself. An autopsy is a medical procedure performed on a corpse to determine the cause of death. Autopsies are forbidden in some middle eastern religions, some believe in keeping the body complete. A medical examiner usually involves incisions of the internal organs of the chest, abdomen, and head. An inframammary incision starts at the shoulders extending to the midline of the body in the lower chest, and then is extended to the top of the pubic bone. This inframammary incision makes a “T” shaped cut. When examining the brain a medical examiner will make an incision starting from one ear leading to the other, then they peel back the skin. Medical examiners try and determining the cause and the time of death. During a forensic autopsy, a medical examiner may use biological specimens to test for their toxicology level. After this test they will be able to tell if the corpse was poisoned. (James) A forensic autopsy is categorized
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During that time, there was a town, el mozote, that lost over 800 inhabitants. Forensic examination was able to find remains of the town’s children in an old structure. There was identification of firearms, meaning these children were gunned down in a small building, which eventually was burned down. Just by looking at their remains, scientists were able to tell that the bones were from the same time. They were able to tell that majority of the victims averaged at the age of 6. They found the remains of 7 adults, one of which was a pregnant woman. With the help of forensic pathologists they were able to tell that there were bullet wounds that most likely killed
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