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Forensic dentistry is defined by Keiser-Neilson in 1970 1 as “that branch of forensic medicine which in the interest of justice deals with the proper handling and examination of dental evidence and with the proper evaluation and presentation of the dental findings”. It is application of dental knowledge which helps in legal proceedings. It has an important role in establishing the gender of victims whose bodies are mutilated beyond recognition due to major mass disasters. In the field of forensics experts utilize skeletal remains, features of teeth such as morphology, crown size, root lengths etc. for establishing gender.2 Forensic dentists have a major role in investigations for the identification of people in mass disasters, accidents or where the victim’s bodies cannot be recognized by visual methods. Person identification by dental feature is widely accepted.
Oral mucosa is composed of two tissue components, stratified squamous epithelium and connective
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They contribute to the identification of human remains after disasters or crimes, assisting other medical specialties. Dentistry till date has contributed a lot to the field of forensic in human identification based on human dentition. During extreme cases such as explosions, accidental cremations or a fire set deliberately to cover crimes destroys a body, precious little may remain which may help in human identification.12,13 Oral mucosa is composed of collagen and it is the most abundant protein in the extracellular matrix of lamina propria. Majority are type I (90%) and type III (8%).14 Collagens are most abundant proteins in the human body which are insoluble, extracellular, glycoproteins. Collagens are essential structural components of all connective tissues. They strengthen and support many tissues in the body; therefore collagen composition within each tissue needs to be maintained for proper tissue

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