Forensic Odentology Essay

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Outline of Forensic Odentology: Forensic odentology brings systematic methodologies to support in documentation of victims associated to criminality or accident. To assist with forensic odentology, odentologists prerequisite to be aware of the importance of keeping precise, present, comprehensive & understandble dental records for the use of recognition. The preceding information will provide a general idea of forensic odentology history, numerous recognition procedures developed & how dental experts can become involved. Assignment Areas: • Discuss forensic odentology history. • Identify & describe recognition approaches utilized in forensic odentology. • Explain what establishes a mass fatality & be aware of federal, regional, & state response teams. • Describe various ways for the dental professional to become involved in forensic odentology. Assignment Contents: • Outline • Forensic Odentology History • Recognition & Methods Utilized • Forensic Odentology Areas Bite Marks Abuse Mass Fatality • Conclusion • References Outline After mass mortalities such as 9-11, Hurricane Katrina, & the Oklahoma City Bombings, recognition of individuals…show more content…
For this reason, it is very important an exact & comprehensive assessment of the unidentified individual is recognized to deliver the best chance of positive comparison with ante-mortem records.4 The resulting is collected for post-mortem documentation :photos (digital or film based) which provide the ability to view specific features without having to review the body, radiographs (full mouth series) (Figure 1), & a comprehensive dental record for
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