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Forensic Odontology The term “forensic” has its origin in the Latin word “forensis” from “forum,” which means a place where legal matters are discussed. The science of dentistry as related to the law is known as forensic dentistry or forensic odontology. Forensic odontology is a specialized field of dentistry related to legal problems. It is one of the most rapidly developing branches of forensic medicine and forensic science. Forensic odontology can be defined as the branch of dentistry that addresses the proper handling and examination of dental evidence and the evaluation and presentation of dental findings in the interests of justice. This relatively small specialty within the forensic sciences has been utilized for many years, principally…show more content…
The first ever case which took bite marks as evidence was of the 1692 Salem Witch Trials in which Rev. George Burroughs was accused of witchcraft and conspiring with the Devil, with biting his victims supposedly being evidence of his crimes. His bite marks and the bite marks of other people were compared to the victim 's marks. The judges readily accepted the bite marks as evidence and he was executed soon after. In fact, tooth prints have become such a powerful concept that it has become an integral concept in the Child Identification Program (CHIP), one of the most comprehensive child recovery and identification programs in the US, sponsored by the Massachusetts Freemasons and supported by the Massachusetts Dental Society. This method is so convenient and easy to do that it is comfortable for the child and there is a piece of mind for the parents as well. Besides the bite impression, tooth prints can provide important tracking information through the DNA in saliva. Salivary DNA is derived from the constant shedding of epithelial cells from the oral mucosa. There have been cases in the U.S where trained dogs were able to identify a child through the saliva in a ball room of 500

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