A Career As A Forensic Investigator

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Who Are They?

A Forensic science technician is a person that aids criminal investigators by reviewing crime scenes. They collect evidence from a scene and process it to figure out what led up to cause it. With said evidence, they can reconstruct crime scenes to help push a case further and, hopefully, solve them. However, not all forensic scientists are the same. Criminalists/crime scene investigators are a general name for forensic scientists. Forensic biologists/chemists are scientists who deal more on the DNA, chemical and other substance side of the crime scene investigation. Forensic computer examiners or digital forensic analysts deal more with technology based crimes like hacks, scams and identity theft. Overall, forensic scientists are able to collect information and use it to help solve or further investigations.

How to Become One
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You will also need an undergraduate degree in natural sciences and a master’s degree in forensics. If you happen to go to a general natural science program, you should chose subjects that are related to forensic science. If you choose to work in a police department, you must meet the necessary requirements to be admitted to a police academy, since those who work in this department are technically police officers. On-the-job training is also required before being sent out to the field. You’ll also need to have laboratory experience. Newly hired investigators are placed under experienced investigators to help learn these
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