Essay On Forest Management

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Sustainable forest management requires three major criteria which are the maintenance of ecological processes within the forest (soil formation, energy flow, biogeochemical cycles (carbon, nutrient and hydrological cycles), maintenance of biodiversity of forest, improving the net social benefits derived from the mixture of forest uses within the constraints by considering the future. Forest provides habitats for more than half of the fauna and flora on the Earth (SCBD, 2001). Forest biome plays an important role in mitigating climate change by serving as carbon sinks (Hassan et al., 2005). Forest land is the most fundamental natural resources which become reduced mainly due to anthropogenic pressures. For proper management of land, it is essential to have information about existing land cover and about the naturalness of the land. The increment in forest cover does not mean that…show more content…
Bojocco et al(2010) Reported that fire has a major role in the determination of diversity and vegetation dynamics. It has influence on landscape structural diversity (Weatherspoon and Skinner 1995). The frequent occurrence of forest fires has been one of the vital reasons for the exhaustion and extinction of most of the biodiversity. This results in partial or complete degradation of vegetation cover or fragmentation of the forest thus modifying the radiation balance by growing the surface albedo, water runoff and raising the soil erosion (Darmawan and Mulyanto, 2001). Historical study of forest fire is significant for ecological and forest management applications(Iniguez et al. 2008). In terrestrial ecosystems, Landuse change and fires are considered as the drivers of global change(Rudel et al. 2005;Fraterrigo et al.
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