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6. Radiation It has observed that the radiography test was conducted during inspecting the pipelines with minimum safety precautions which may to leads carcinogenic and skin cancer. Properly isolate the radiography tested area. Incorporate the permit to work system for performing the work safely. Inspect the test area to avoid unauthorized person occupancy. Provide adequate competency for the operators. Display signage boards as required. Perform the radiography work only at night time. As per Indian standard IS 2595-2008 the exposure of any part of the human body X-rays or gamma rays may be highly injurious to health, therefore essential safety precautions should be taken to protect the radiographer and any person in the vicinity. The safety screening should be providing radiography area and stops other activity in…show more content…
Display the caution and sign boards cost of Rs.3000. Total cost Rs.18000 HIGH PRIORITY If fails to secure excavations may leads to soil collapse, topple the vehicle and cause of fatal accidents hence it is high priority. 5. Regarding the forklift safety the medical test, operator trainings and heavy vehicle license to issued them. 1. Medical test conducted for drivers the cost of Rs.3000 2. Competency training to be conducted for all the operators in which the cost of Rs.4000 Totally Rs.7000 HIGH PRIORITY The unauthorized person operation is criminal offence which leads fall of material, hit by, struck by and cause of fatal accident. Hence the unauthorized operation is a high priority hazard. 6. Adequate training to be conduct for all the radiography operators, isolate the radiography workplace and stop the other activities in vicinity of the testing area. 1. Special screening provide for radiography test area cost of Rs.5000. 2. Competency training for radiographer and medical test cost of Rs.5000. 3. Stoppage of other activity during radiography. Cost of Production lost Rs.15000/day Total cost Rs.25000. HIGH

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