Essay On Formal Mentoring

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Mentoring has been implanted in society from the very beginning of time. The concept of mentoring is a relationship between two individuals in a different status of life. Typically, the mentor is older and filled with wisdom and guidance to share regarding the challenges of life or assistance to develop career related skills. For example, an older sibling teaching the younger sibling how to drive or study habits for difficult academic subjects. However, the guidance or assistance received relies on the formation of the mentorship. Informal and formal mentoring are complete opposite; formal mentoring tends to occur in workplace or academic setting where the primary focus is training the protégé to gain needed skills unlike informal where psychological…show more content…
The reason behind is that students attending college or universities go through the life stages of making important and permanent decisions that may affect their future, handling substantial changes alone are unhealthy. Therefore, the testing of mentoring with college students is logical, in sense of the population needing such. However, as the mentoring benefits begin to aid with guidance and assistance for the students, during the study the desire for more or longer duration may occur. The following are requirements to participate in this study: a) junior or senior of college, b) willingness to seek or readiness of own temporary mentor, c) first time experience with a mentor. Typically, junior or senior year of college the stress levels peak because individuals are reaching close to the actual adulthood and beginning of a career where supportive measures can be useful. Assigned mentors would be more of a formal mentoring, which would cause bias in the results, since mentoring can be informal or formal. Many may view this study as formal since the duration is the independent variable, but, as stated previously formal mentoring is more focused on career development. Finally, first time mentees to prohibit comparison of other mentoring
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