Formalism Analysis

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Themain theme of formalist activities are reflected in the text and what theyget from the textand other perspectives out of context areof secondary importance.The most common way researchers seek for the study of a literary work is to distinguish similarities and differences between literary and non-literary texts.In other words, they are seeking only to show literary text. Formalists try to use the text itself and nothing else.They do not deny the importance of developingtheways of literary expression. They investigate a literary work separate from its artistic, social, and historical interpretations. In their view, art was always separated from life.
Formalist,contrary to ancient critics whom regarded a literary work as a reflection
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It seems that the human mind is always aware of their acts in contrary to the ego.
Cummings also thinks that man isemphasizing the search for more.It may be hard to remember where he may lose his favorite (what he tries to achieve).
He uses inner sense of poetry to underscore that the poet`s memories as a humanitarian symbol can create words of poetry for eternal life,without indulging in poetry and it will continue.But there are multiple attitudes in the poetry, deep structures and deep meanings.
Cummings 's poem titled "in time of daffodil"was written by a poet whosesuperficial attitude cannot ignore the smallest components of his language.This means that any word or any particular point in Cummings 's poem has its special place and concept inspired to the
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These flowers are symbols of innocence and beauty of nature too and reveal the ultimate goal of man 's creation.Poetclings to the trappings of a beautiful and innocent symbol of nature and with verbal and conceptual game suggeststhe notifying of deep feelingsthat not only are the psychological and sociological concepts, but expresses deep and philosophical themes.
In the "in time of daffodils” her flowers are symbols of perfection and being aware that the ultimate goal is growth and glory. Thisindicates upward evolvement of life towards harmony and perfection and nature as its symbol.
In the poet 's idea this goalemphasizesthat the audience will forget how to live and can open waysfor human perfection and lead him totake steps towardsexcellence. This poet also points to the days of childhood and the process of human development cycle.He also considered flower as a symbol for knowledge and knows that the goal of all waking is a dream that entailsa more realistic sense of awakening.Cummings says that this means we should be awake till our dreams come true. In order to achieve this true dream,one should put aside ‘seem’ that is a symbol of appearance and superficial attraction of life.Redroses are symbols of absolute beauty in our universe with their own spirituality.This symbol of beauty and perfection surprises the
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