Essay On Formative Assessment

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“Formative assessment is a process used by teacher and students during instruction that provides feedback to adjust on going teaching and learning to improve students’ achievement of intended instructional outcomes (Caroline Wylie and Christine Lyon, 2013).” I believe that formative assessments are essential for both students and teachers to inform instruction within lessons and they confirm how much students know about the lesson and how teacher can support to engage in their learning. I approve that asking better questions affords students an opportunity for deeper thinking and provides teachers to know the levels of students’ understanding. In my class, when I started the lesson with inquiring based questions by eliciting learners’ level of background knowledge, the students promptly gave feedback or response quickly to me. It was so notable that I could make…show more content…
From this programme, I have got a lot of knowledge about how to develop our teaching and learning skills. I have developed the knowledge of engaging with key learning theories to how learners learn. My own professional practice is developed with SMART lesson plan, teaching methods, and learning activities. I can engage and motivate the learners to learn by using reasonable teaching methods and learning activities. Bloom’s taxonomy and Solo taxonomy are widely used in my teaching practice. Enriching the knowledge of learning process, I can structure appropriate lessons. I have got the habit of reflecting on my teaching and learners’ learning. Based on my reflection I usually assess in which areas I need to improve and how I can motivate my learner to engage in their learning. From my reflection, I am beware of scaffolding the lesson and creating rigor. I will keep on doing self-reflection and evaluating my strength and weakness. I will try to overcome my weak points by observing and finding the way to
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