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Throughout many centuries, fossil fuels have been playing an important role in developing country, especially in the economic sector. Fossil fuels are natural fuel, which involved natural resources such as coal, petrol, diesel, oil or natural gas that is generally created from the dead plants, animals, other living organisms and buried dead. Fossil fuels are considered very crucial for both developing countries and developed countries. However, the terrible impacts of using fossil fuels are more serious and intense than its benefits. It influences directly and indirectly to the living creatures in the world and its merits can be replaced by the merits of another energy known as ‘safe alternative’. Therefore, I strongly agree with the idea that the exploration and development of safe alternatives to fossil fuels should be the most important global priority today for two main harmful motives to the earth; environmental hazard and health hazard.
First, the exploration of safe alternatives should be introduced instead of using fossil fuels because of their environmental negative impacts, and these natural resources are non-renewable. People use these fossil fuels for
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Actually, fossil fuels have not only a very unpleasant impact to our health but also to the ecosystem. The extremely dreadful effects that it cannot be denied, using a fossil fuels causes a severe environmental deterioration such as polluting the air, creating an acid rain, depleting the ozone layer and the like. Moreover, such a harmful chemical substances that release from burning fossil fuels including oil, coal and so on also cause a serious health problem to people as a whole. Therefore, the safe alternatives should be introduced to the globe in this era instead of using fossil fuels which can bring more harm than

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