Essay On Founding Fathers

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Introduction The stories of the founding of the United States is legendary in many regards. History places it that America was found by a group of farmers who had local political experience. This group came together in one accord and in arms to go against the monarch and tyrant to become a self-governed state. In the words of these men, “all men are created equal,” a phrase that natural elicited men and women to risk their lives for freedom . However, there is a lurking contradiction in the affirmation of the founding fathers that all men were created with equal opportunities considering the many years that they kept African in the York of slavery. This aspect puts into sharp focus the integrity of the founding fathers with the question asked…show more content…
No founding father and revolutionist who affirmed and believed in a just and free America would affirm human bondage. At the time and in 1776, only a few men proclaimed slavery as a necessary evil, however, most men, even in the remotest of the United States believed in the freedom of men. According to Thomas Jefferson in his love for Justice and the love of country script, he stood on the viewpoint that that equality was a moral obligation that ought to be preserved and observed by all mankind…show more content…
In admission to his failure to stop slavery in 1814, Jefferson wrote that he always hoped for younger generations who were born and bred in the American soil would somehow create an end the acts of slavery as they all share common dreams of equal America. However, he was concerned and sympathized with the level of opposition and made liberty for all Americans to a mirage. Years after Missouri retreat in 1824, Jefferson still held on to the belief that federally financed postinati abolition scheme was one of the best ways through which slavery would have been stopped. This in his view was a comprehensive and the best plan compared to Thomas Jefferson Randolph plan coined the Virginia Slavery Debate of 1832
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