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Some companies and work places have adopted a four day work week to conserve energy and resources. Every day consists of a ten hour work day, should your school follow this model by extending the school day by two hours? If you think about all the benefits and the disadvantages to a four day school week would you want to do this?
School is already long so why add another two hours, most students hardly get enough sleep with the hours we have now so how do schools expect us to stay up if we do not get enough sleep. Most students have after school activities they do so if we were to add two hours we would get out around five, and after school activities are usually two to three hours long but it depends on what you are doing so you literally would not get out till seven or eight at night. Now think about it most students live out of town, so they have to drive home but that might take them another two hours but that depends on how far you live so than you will not get out till nine or ten. You also have homework that probably was assigned to you and usually most students can spend one to two hours on it, so truly you will not go to bed till eleven or twelve. You see we will get out to late and we
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You need to understand that we do not want to spend time with other people or teachers, we all get frustrated and making us stay longer with people we hate will make us more irritable than ever. Truly there would probably would be more problems with students than ever, for the fact that they have to see each other ten hours in four days. A two weekend is not long enough for me and I do not think that a three day weekend would be enough to be honest. I mean it’s not a bad idea, by all means it is a good idea but the fact that we would have to make classes longer throws you off. We would spend one of those days to catch up on our
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