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A fractal can be defined as a rough or fragmented geometric shape which can be subdivided in parts and each part is reduced replica (at least approximately) of the whole [8]. They are generally self-similar and independent of scale. We can also define fractal as geometrical objects with fractional dimensions. Mathematically, fractal is set of points whose fractional dimension exceeds its topological dimension. The term fractal was coined by great French mathematician named Benoit Mandelbrot during 1970’s, often associated with the term fractal and fractal mathematics. The term fractal was derived from Latin word Fractus, means linguistically “fractured” or “broken”. Mandelbrot defined fractal as a set whose Hausdorff-Besicovitch dimension…show more content…
Fractal is never ending pattern that repeats itself at different scales. This property of fractal is called self-similarity. Although they are very complex but can be made by simple repeating process. Fractals can be seen in nature, science, math and art. Natural fractal includes branching patterns like trees, river networks, blood vessels, hurricanes and galaxies. Mathematical fractals like Mandelbrot set, created by calculating simple equation thousand of time feeding the answer back to start and are infinitely complex. The feedback and iteration are the core idea behind it. Most of the fractals are created by applying simple rule to a set of geometric shape and then the process is repeated on the result. This feedback loop can result in much unexpected results. As the demand for more compact and portable communication system has increased in today world of wireless communications, the need to miniaturize the size of antenna is also increased. Many portable communication devices use a simple monopole with a matching network. But if the monopole used become short compared to wavelength, then radiation efficiency is reduced and stored reactive energy is also

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